[RCU] change the login password in roundcube

suporte at linuxbras.com.br suporte at linuxbras.com.br
Thu Jul 12 01:58:35 CEST 2012

Good evening,

Sorry, but I am Brazilian and I am not familiar with English, forgive 
the errors in the text.

I'm using a Linux CentOS 6.2 64bit with Roundcube version 0.8-rc is 
perfect, very good, but what i really need, do the password plugin 
version 3.0 to work.

When I try to change the login password, it asks:
Current Password: 123456
New Password: abcdef
Confirm new password: abcdef
Could not save the new password.

They can help to complete this service, change password for roundcube 

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