[RCU] Missing features: disable doubleclick, number of moved messages?

Jacek Osiecki josiecki at silvercube.pl
Fri Mar 2 10:02:51 CET 2012

Hi all,

Roundcube is really great and sometimes I don't even bother to use my
MUA since it's easier to run roundcube. However, there are few things that
quite annoy me, and maybe I'm not the only one who is missing such functionality...

1. When I'm moving a large number of messages, I don't know how many of them
   are being moved. OK, I can check the number of messages in mailbox before
   and after, but that's not comfortable and might be misleading if some new messages
   arrive before I mode messages.
   So far I'm dealing with it by marking messages, then setting them as unread, and
   set as read again - but that's still much more than it should need to know how
   many messages I'm moving :)
   Isn't it possible to count the number of messages and display overall number of
   moved messages over the list of messages?

2. When I have dozens of new messages and I just need to mark as read, I'm clicking
    on them with CTRL in order to mark and then "mark as read". However, if sometimes
    I accidentally double click on a message, it is being opened and all messages are
    unmarked again.
    I _never_ use doubleclick - I don't need it, and if I definitely want to see the message
    maximized I can click on the "maximize" icon in upright corner in Subject: line.
    How about some possibility to disable doubleclick - the best would be to make it
    configurable per user, since people have various habits and some might even like it?

3. I have lots of folders in order to have data categorized as well as possible. However, there
    are some folders with thousands of messages, and if I have a setting of maximum 200 messages
    per page - it is quite hard to click maany times to get to page 25 for example.
    How about something like "goto page" and possibility to enter a number?
    It would be even nicer to have the possibility to search messages by date, but I assume
    this is much harder to implement...


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