[RCU] "Session invalid or expired" roundcube 7.1

rapaterres Oo. rapaterres at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 15:03:29 CET 2012

Hey Marcel,

2012/3/2 Marcel Herrguth <mherrguth at mrgeneration.de>

> Hey,
> Am 2.3.2012 04:51, schrieb rapaterres Oo.:
>> i'm just upgraded 7.0 to 7.1 roundcube and i can't access into
>> webmail, i have the error  "Session invalid or expired" when i try to
>> login
>> here the logs...
>> [..]
>> i don't know what's going on because all looks fine... but it isn't :(
>> anyone can guide me with this error?
> I had similare Errors. These errors occur soemtimes, but simply seem to be
> a Browser Problem. (for me it was Firefox).
> If you delete all cookies that Roundcube writes (especially the session
> cookie) and then refresh the page, a login should work fine to you.
> You can also use the plugin that keeps you logged in. It may sometimes
> display this error as well, but if you refresh it without doing anything
> else, it logs you in most of the times.
> Hope I could help you

thank you for your help but...

I already read that this problem could be the browser and I deleted all
cookies, and tried from another browser too... but it did not work. I even
tried from another computer (and other ip), and even tried to delete the
sessions in the bbdd, but I have the same error.
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