[RCU] Roundcube 0.8-beta with new skin ready for testing

A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Mon Mar 5 18:52:01 CET 2012

On 03/05/2012 06:31 PM, Sasha Kacanski wrote:
> No plugin issues so far. I do use only one accounts and that one is working.
> larry.png does not exist under skins/images so there is no sample image
> to be shown to user when she/he tries to change skin (prefs)

What? There's no such core feature.

> I use accounts to allow users to switch between archive and mail in one
> session.

So, you're using another plugin here. When requesting performance issues 
to as, be sure the issues exists also with disabled all plugins.

> On Address Book wich is public ldap and private sql stuff is working fine.
> Problem is when I click on mail button and/or compose
> It seems that this is working much better when I am going against
> archive wich happens to be latest cyrus imap.

But this is some regression in RC or it's just slow imap server? You 
have folders list loaded in mail and compose screens. As I've said, 
Roundcube is not very performant with big number of folders.

> Can someone point me to caching document so that I know how to setup
> exactly caching!

To enable caching you need to change one or two config options. They're 
described in sample config file.

> Error No. [604]
> no logs on RC side and all logs are enabled + trace mode (8) is in.

Don't use trace mode!!! Roundcube will print error to logs/errors file 
(check permissions).

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