[RCU] Missing features: disable doubleclick, number of moved messages?

Jacek Osiecki josiecki at silvercube.pl
Fri Mar 9 09:58:33 CET 2012

Wiadomość napisana przez Claudio Kuenzler w dniu 2 mar 2012, o godz. 11:56:

> On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 10:02 AM, Jacek Osiecki <josiecki at silvercube.pl> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Roundcube is really great and sometimes I don't even bother to use my
> MUA since it's easier to run roundcube. However, there are few things that
> quite annoy me, and maybe I'm not the only one who is missing such functionality...
> 1. When I'm moving a large number of messages, I don't know how many of them
>   are being moved. OK, I can check the number of messages in mailbox before
>   and after, but that's not comfortable and might be misleading if some new messages
>   arrive before I mode messages.
>   So far I'm dealing with it by marking messages, then setting them as unread, and
>   set as read again - but that's still much more than it should need to know how
>   many messages I'm moving :)
>   Isn't it possible to count the number of messages and display overall number of
>   moved messages over the list of messages?
> A strong +1 from my side. I have lots of users who move quite many e-mails to different folders. Sometimes this process takes a while and it would be nice if at the top the status is shown. Example:
> Moved 15/45 messages

Actually I'm opting for something different: when you grab a number of messages and move them
to any folder, you can see their subjects. If there are more than 13 messages (I don't know how it
is limited, probably by window height in pixels) you can see "(...)" instead of rest of messages.
What I would love to see, is the number of messages being moved displayed over their subjects.
Isn't it a simple thing to do? I tried to find it and do it by myself, but I'm not a js programmer and
couldn't find the exact place.

I'm receiving daily a large number of reports (one per server). There are ways to determine if all
servers sent the report, but it's much easier to just see if I'm moving 30 messages or 29 ;)

Jacek Osiecki
josiecki at silvercube.pl

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