[RCU] Feature request: "reply using HTML"

Jacek Osiecki josiecki at silvercube.pl
Fri Mar 9 13:45:34 CET 2012


As I have checked, there still is a problem with forwarding HTML
messages in roundcube. If I have option "send HTML only in reply
to HTML messages" - message is forwarded correctly when I click
on "reply". However, if I want to forward such a message, it
doesn't work - I'm replying in plain text, and all images are
just included as attachments at the bottom of message.
In order to forward it correctly I have to either set "send
all messages in HTML" or press "reply" and replace the recipient.

I think that forward should also use HTML if we are forwarding
HTML message and have "on reply to HTML message only" option selected.
On the other hand, it would be nice to have dropdown option for 
reply and forward buttons named "reply using HTML" no matter what has
been set in config.

Jacek Osiecki
Silvercube s.c.
ul. Makuszyńskiego 4, 31-752 Kraków
tel/fax: +48 (12) 684 21 00

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