[RCU] poppassd hang

Nelson Serafica ntserafica at gmail.com
Thu Mar 15 05:42:34 CET 2012

I'm using roundcube and poppassd as the plugin for the change password. It
was running fine in CentOS 5.6 using poppassd rpm. However, in CentOS 6
there is no rpm yet so I compile it following the procedure on this
The problem is it doesn't quit after after the newpass. Password was
successfully change but since it doesn't exit/quit, then the pid is stuck
on the background resulting to passwd defunct process. User is confuse
because there is error in roundcubemail but the password was change. Error
might be result of the poppassd not exiting.

Just wondering if someone from the list has manage to fix this issue or at
least use a rpm for CentOS 6  or RHEL 6.


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