[RCU] RC Cookies

Jacek Osiecki josiecki at silvercube.pl
Fri Mar 23 09:12:24 CET 2012

Wiadomość napisana przez Daniel w dniu 23 mar 2012, o godz. 02:00:

> Is there any way that I can log into two different roundcube sessions 
> simultaniously?  
> Currently once I log in, if I open a new browser window and 
> navigate to RC it uses the current sessions cookie.  
> Using an incognito or private 
> window in IE and Chrome works as desired but FF does not.  

If your roundcube is available under various domains, use them - it's the
easiest way to have two sessions on different accounts. The other solution
is browser's porn mode ;) - however I'm surprised that it doesn't work in FF...
It definitely should, otherwise private mode in FF isn't private.


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