[RCU] scrollbar missing in mail list when used on mobile devices

Tomas Macek macek at fortech.cz
Thu Mar 29 09:59:15 CEST 2012

>> If so, I think we
>> don't need it, because newer mobile devices are quick and usable
>> enough for almost all modern web pages.
> even my nokia have power enough, but screen sise is the main problem i share 
> with iphones :/
>> I think we should only to show
>> the scroll bars and nothing else.
> it could be a "mimp" template for mobile devices, or if possible one that is 
> selected if screensize is under 800x480 ?

Maybe this is the way.
I think we should avoid to force people with iPads or other tablets to use 
mobile version of RCU. These devices have display large enough to show 
properly all the things present on webpage and can be comfortable on 
normal "big" pages.

But the showed scroll bar is the simplest way. If we have the scroll 
bar, I could say to the customer "yes, You can use it", now I can say 
him "Yes, You can use it, but sometimes it's useless (regardless how 
large your display is), because the scroll bar is missing".

It's not an easy modification of CSS style? (I'm not CSS programmer)

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