[RCU] About filenames

valley valleytheman at yahoo.com.br
Tue May 8 15:35:29 CEST 2012

Hello all,

I don't know  exactly if it is an postfix or roundcube's issue. My doubt 
is the following one.

Everytime  a message is sent to the user mailbox an individual file 
containing the message is created, the filename is something like this:


I have figured out that, according to some situations, the filename 
could be changed, ex:

1336384819.Vfe04I26904c5M818068.servername:2,S  --- message has been 
seen ("S" at the end)
1336384819.Vfe04I26904c5M818068.servername:2,R  ---  message has been 
replyed  ("R" at the end)
1336384819.Vfe04I26904c5M818068.servername:2,SR --- message has been 
seen and replyed

Well, now i found another termination, a "T" as follows:

1336384819.Vfe04I26904c5M818068.servername:2,RST or

Messages  with a "T"  are not exbihited by roundcube and we are having 
some problems due to it.

Does anyone knows what the "T" at the end of the message means?

Thanks in advance.

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