[RCU] Custom replies and moving to folders?

Thomas Bruederli thomas at roundcube.net
Sat May 12 15:53:07 CEST 2012

Charles Carver wrote:
> I'm hoping to use Roundcube as a portal type interface, where you can login and press a choice of buttons that will send static replies depending on the button, then move those emails to the appropriate folders.
> What's the best way to start a project like this? Are there any built in functionalities that would make this work?

Roundcube actually has all the necessary basic functionality aboard. The
best way to finally get it working is to write Roundcube plugins. Here's
some help how to get started with that:

How to move messages can be seen in the bundled 'markasjunk' plugin. It
also demonstrated how to add buttons to the UI and trigger custom actions
when clicking it.

To send messages right from a plugin you should have a look at the
Roundcube code in program/steps/mail/sendmail.inc

The basic steps are to create a new Mail_mime instance and then pass it to
the rcmail_deliver_message() function.

> Also - I was never able to get Gmail to work for the IMAP server, but am now just using my server.

Gmail+Roundcube definitely works for me...


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