[RCU] SQLite3 plans

Michael Orlitzky michael at orlitzky.com
Tue May 15 08:48:03 CEST 2012

On 05/15/2012 02:25 AM, A.L.E.C wrote:
> On 05/14/2012 03:57 PM, Michael Orlitzky wrote:
>> With the removal of sqlite2 from php-5.4, I was just wondering what the
>> eventual plans for SQLite are?
> We're using PEAR MDB2 package and there's no official driver for
> sqlite3. For now we don't plan to work on this. However there is a
> ticket in our tracker that we could/should use other database
> abstraction package. We could also write our own library based on PDO.
> It shouldn't be so hard, because we've got quite small needs, but it has
> low priority. Also most people use mysql/pgsql.

Thanks for the update. We're not using SQLite here (for RC, anyway), but
this showed up in a dependency bug on Gentoo. When users ask for SQLite
support, they pull in both php-5.3 and php-5.4 due to the lack of
sqlite2 in 5.4.

Only 5.3 would work anyway, so I guess the deps will have to be fixed
(for better error messages) or sqlite support dropped in the future as
users move to 5.4.

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