[RCU] Password change with roundcube

Andreas Meyer anmeyer at anup.de
Wed Oct 24 11:48:07 CEST 2012

Hello all!

A question about the password plugin. When I login to my email-account
with roundcube, I connect to the service that runs on port 143 and ask
there, if I may login, right? dovecot is running on port 143 and looks
in his passwordfile and permits the login or does not, right?

For sending email, sasldb is used on MTA-side to permit sending or not.

So when I want to use the passwd-plugin with sasl, it only changes the
passwd in the sasldb for sending email, the password in the passwordfile
of dovecot is not changed and the user must login with the password once
specified, right?

Is there a way, to let the users change their password themselves without
requiering administrative intervention?

Kind regards


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