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Sébastien BLAISOT sebastien at blaisot.org
Mon Oct 29 11:25:14 CET 2012



For sure it's possible. 

I use a setup with all user
informations (including encrypted passwords) stored in a mysql database
and have postfix (the MTA) as well as dovecot (the IMAP server) checking
the password against that database. 

My roundcube installation uses the
password plugin to change password directly in the mysql database. 

trick is to have only one user repository for all your usage whatever
backend is used (flat file, database, ldap or whatever). 



Sébastien BLAISOT

Le 2012-10-24 11:48, Andreas Meyer a écrit : 

Hello all!
> A question about the password plugin. When I login to my
> with roundcube, I connect to the service that runs on
port 143 and ask
> there, if I may login, right? dovecot is running on
port 143 and looks
> in his passwordfile and permits the login or does
not, right?
> For sending email, sasldb is used on MTA-side to permit
sending or not.
> So when I want to use the passwd-plugin with sasl,
it only changes the
> passwd in the sasldb for sending email, the
password in the passwordfile
> of dovecot is not changed and the user
must login with the password once
> specified, right?
> Is there a
way, to let the users change their password themselves without
requiering administrative intervention?
> Kind regards
> Andreas
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