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RoundCube is a web client to e-mail. It is similar to Mozilla
Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook, except that it runs in your web
browser (and parts of it run on the web server which serves it to your
web browsers). 

The only port numbers used to talk to a RoundCube installation are
usually are 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS), like any web page/application,
and these numbers are implicit from the URL that is used. 

One of the points of using a web client is that you don't need to know
anything about ports for IMAP, SMTP et cetera. You log in to the web
interface and there is a web rendering of your inbox and folders, and a
way to send mail. 

It's like HotMail or Gmail, except it's run by your company! You don't
have to configure any port numbers to use Gmail. 

The server-side of the RoundCube installation itself knows port numbers.
It knows what IMAP server to talk to, and how to send mail over SMTP,
plus various other things. These parameters configured by the RoundCube
administrator for all of the users of the RoundCube installation. 

If your RoundCube installation is outward facing (externally accessible
over the Internet), you should be able to use it with your phone's web
browser, using a mobile data connection (requiring a mobile data plan
from your carrier), or a Wi-Fi connection. If your RoundCube
installation is visible only from your company's intranet, you may be
able to get in by setting up the VPN on your phone, so that your phone
can securely join your internal network and access internal web pages.
Your sysadmin can help with that, if it is possible. 

For instance, I can get into my personal RoundCube server from my
smartphone just by opening a browser and navigating to the page, which
is exposed to the Internet, exactly the way someone access their Gmail

But, usually I do not. Why? Because on my smartphone it is more
efficient to instead run a mail client, in my case the K-9 Mail free
application for Android. This connects to my IMAP and SMTP server,
bypassing Roundcube. You may be able to set up a mobile e-mail client to
access your corporate e-mail server, as an alternative to the RoundCube
interface, with the help of your mail administrator. _Note that since
Roundcube is not involved in such a setup, it is off topic in the
Roundcube user mailing list._ 

On 22.10.2013 11:58, Mary Ann Skweres wrote: 

> I want to add my business email which uses Roundcube webmail software to my T-mobile phone, but I need the Port number. Can anyone help me? 
> Mary Ann 
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