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Kaz Kylheku kaz at kylheku.com
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These are a bad idea. 

They are often implemented in a bad way and spam mailing lists, and
debates with multiple recipients. You've probably seen it. Five people
are talking, one goes on vacation, and now every every time the
remaining four add something to the debate using "reply all", they get a
"I'm on vacation" from the fifth guy. 

An auto-responder must only fire when the Cc: line is empty, and there
is only a single recipient on the To: line. But this then fails in some
circumstances, the most obvious of which is that you send a mail To: A,
and Cc: B, and both A and B have gone on vacation, yet their
auto-responders do nothing since each one sees that there are multiple

A vacation responder must be aware of all the threads in your inbox so
that it can distinguish a new discussion that you are being pulled into,
from an existing discussion, and it should track everyone to whom it has
sent the vacation notice so it is never sent twice to anyone (for the
same vacation event). 

Another problem is that an auto-responder will likely reply to spam no
matter how carefully crafted it is. 

It is not possible for a robot to determine with perfect certainty
whether an e-mail requires action or not. 

Basically, when you go on vacation, there are certain important business
contacts who should know you're not available, and so you proactively
them know, and that's it. And as far as your personal e-mail goes,
unless you're backpacking through the wilderness somewhere, check the
damn thing once a day while you're in vacation! 

On 24.10.2013 03:11, Benny Pedersen wrote: 

> Davide Perini skrev den 2013-10-24 10:33:
>> is there a vacation plugin for roundcube that works well with the latest version of roundcube?
> none exists imho
>> Can you suggest to use one plugin in particular?
> nope
>> I would like something that let me choose a start date and a stop date for the vacation message.
> start and stop date is poosible in sieve scripting, but missing in 
> managesive with roundcube, so if the mailserver supports sieve this is 
> the best route to solve it
> if you need more help tell more info on what mailserver software is in 
> use
> sieve is not just a roundcube feature btw, thunderbird supports it 
> aswell :)
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