[RCU] Vacation plugin

Benny Pedersen me at junc.eu
Fri Oct 25 15:25:07 CEST 2013

Kaz Kylheku skrev den 2013-10-24 21:16:
> These are a bad idea.

it sounds so, but in real life i cant do it with dovecot pigenhole since 
it skips reporting if precedence header is found :)

> They are often implemented in a bad way and spam mailing lists, and
> debates with multiple recipients. You've probably seen it. Five people
> are talking, one goes on vacation, and now every every time the
> remaining four add something to the debate using "reply all", they get
> a "I'm on vacation" from the fifth guy.

this happends if vacation scripts dont take into account of maillists

> An auto-responder must only fire when the Cc: line is empty, and there
> is only a single recipient on the To: line. But this then fails in
> some circumstances, the most obvious of which is that you send a mail
> To: A, and Cc: B, and both A and B have gone on vacation, yet their
> auto-responders do nothing since each one sees that there are multiple
> recipients.

cc empty ?

to contains rcu now

unsafe world :-)

> A vacation responder must be aware of all the threads in your inbox so
> that it can distinguish a new discussion that you are being pulled
> into, from an existing discussion, and it should track everyone to
> whom it has sent the vacation notice so it is never sent twice to
> anyone (for the same vacation event).

search for precedence haeder if found do not tell vacation

> Another problem is that an auto-responder will likely reply to spam no
> matter how carefully crafted it is.

this why some tell there vacation scrips there known sender lists imho

but it could be unsafe if spf or dkim does not pass

> It is not possible for a robot to determine with perfect certainty
> whether an e-mail requires action or not.


> Basically, when you go on vacation, there are certain important
> business contacts who should know you're not available, and so you
> proactively them know, and that's it. And as far as your personal
> e-mail goes, unless you're backpacking through the wilderness
> somewhere, check the damn thing once a day while you're in vacation!

vacation single days ?

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