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You all may want to try roundcube app on android. Just search roundcube in
Google Play.

On Wed, Oct 23, 2013 at 5:08 AM, Kaz Kylheku <kaz at kylheku.com> wrote:

> **
> RoundCube is a web client to e-mail. It is similar to Mozilla Thunderbird
> or Microsoft Outlook, except that it runs in your web browser (and parts of
> it run on the web server which serves it to your web browsers).
> The only port numbers used to talk to a RoundCube installation are usually
> are 80 (HTTP) and 443 (HTTPS), like any web page/application, and these
> numbers are implicit from the URL that is used.
> One of the points of using a web client is that you don't need to know
> anything about ports for IMAP, SMTP et cetera. You log in to the web
> interface and there is a web rendering of your inbox and folders, and a way
> to send mail.
> It's like HotMail or Gmail, except it's run by your company! You don't
> have to configure any port numbers to use Gmail.
> The server-side of the RoundCube installation itself knows port numbers.
> It knows what IMAP server to talk to, and how to send mail over SMTP, plus
> various other things.  These parameters configured by the RoundCube
> administrator for all of the users of the RoundCube installation.
> If your RoundCube installation is outward facing (externally accessible
> over the Internet), you should be able to use it with your phone's web
> browser, using a mobile data connection (requiring a mobile data plan from
> your carrier), or a Wi-Fi connection. If your RoundCube installation is
> visible only from your company's intranet, you may be able to get in by
> setting up the VPN on your phone, so that your phone can securely join your
> internal network and access internal web pages. Your sysadmin can help with
> that, if it is possible.
> For instance, I can get into my personal RoundCube server from my
> smartphone just by opening a browser and navigating to the page, which is
> exposed to the Internet, exactly the way someone access their Gmail
> account.
> But, usually I do not.   Why? Because on my smartphone it is more
> efficient to instead run a mail client, in my case the K-9 Mail free
> application for Android.  This connects to my IMAP and SMTP server,
> bypassing Roundcube.  You may be able to set up a mobile e-mail client to
> access your corporate e-mail server, as an alternative to the RoundCube
> interface, with the help of your mail administrator. *Note that since
> Roundcube is not involved in such a setup, it is off topic in the Roundcube
> user mailing list.*
> On 22.10.2013 11:58, Mary Ann Skweres wrote:
> I want to add my business email which uses Roundcube webmail software to
> my T-mobile phone, but I need the Port number. Can anyone help me?
> Mary Ann
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