[RCU] No "remember password" with Chromium or Firefox?

Alois Mahdal alois.mahdal.1-ndmail at zxcvb.cz
Mon Oct 28 18:38:30 CET 2013


I'm using Roundcube on my Debian Wheezy headless VPS.

Only thing I remember to have changed in configuration
is `$rcmail_config['default_host']` set to only host I'm
using, so that the login form does not ask for it.

I have been using this configuration with Opera and several
mailboxes for more than year.  However, recently I'm trying
Firefox and Chrome and none of them offer me to remember the

Is this a bug, or I am missing something?  Is there a

The exact version number is 0.7.2-9+deb7u1.


Alois Mahdal

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