[RCU] No "remember password" with Chromium or Firefox?

Bruno Gonzalez (aka stenyak) stenyak at stenyak.com
Mon Oct 28 19:00:24 CET 2013


I have experienced that problem in Chromium too, in 4 different
computers (2 debian sids, 1 osx, 1 windows). I tried everything
(removing all kinds of local storage related to my roundcube uri didn't
seem to work). In the end I had to resort to installing "Autocomplete =
on" extension for chrome. But it has to be said, that I use chromium
with autosync enabled, so if something was "wrong" in one computer, it
probably would have propagated to the other 3. 

In Firefox, however, I haven't experienced that problem, and
autocomplete works by default. 

On 2013-10-28 18:42, Charles Marcus wrote: 

> On 2013-10-28 1:38 PM, Alois Mahdal <alois.mahdal.1-ndmail at zxcvb.cz> wrote: 
>> I have been using this configuration with Opera and several 
>> mailboxes for more than year. However, recently I'm trying 
>> Firefox and Chrome and none of them offer me to remember the 
>> password. 
>> Is this a bug, or I am missing something? Is there a 
>> workaround?
> This is a browser/user profile specific thing... nothing to do with roundcube.
> Someone must have told Firefox and Chrome on that PC for that user profile NOT to offer to remember passwords in the past...
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