[RCU] Change Roundcube configuration setting on a per-user basis

UDE Security seclists at uni-due.de
Fri Jun 6 16:31:12 CEST 2014

I want to migrate our actual webmailer based on Squirrelmail to 
Roundcube version 0.9.5 (OS Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server release 
Using Squirrelmail together with the VLogin-plugin I can connect a 
certain user using his account for login (and not an email address) to 
his defined mailbox which is hosted on a cyrus-imap-linux server or a MS 
exchange system. At the same time I can activate or switch off the 
availability of specific plugins (for example a sieve filter plugin).

I've already installed a roundcube test system, everything works fine 
now. But I cannot manage that per-user customising with the roundcube 
vlogin plugin. Within the plugin package there is a file called "TODO" 
telling me that these features unfortunately aren't realized at the 

My question to you: is there a way to implement this behaviour? Are 
there more possibilities if i upgrade to version 1.0.1?

Thank you very much in advance.

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