[RCU] with my domain name

Arne Berglund aberglund at lesd.k12.or.us
Mon Jun 30 20:53:18 CEST 2014

On 2014-06-30 11:47, Mike Burger wrote:
> On 2014-06-30 2:41 pm, Ricardo Adolfo Sánchez Arboleda wrote:
>> List where and how to edit roundcubemail-1.0.1 to send and receive
>> with my domain name.
>> Example: examplo at example.com
>> IMAP:
>> SMTP:
>> I can only do this with gmail
>> Thank you!
> <roundcube install dir>/config/defaults.inc.php
> $config['default_host']=example.com

It is best to not edit the defaults file. Instead, copy the line that 
you need a different value into the config/config.inc.php file and make 
the change there. Leave defaults file unchanged. An entry that exists in 
config.inc.php will override the default entry.

In the end, the config.inc.php file should be fairly short, with only 
the entries that are changed from default. Makes troubleshooting much 

Arne Berglund
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