[RCU] Question about large emails account

Jorge Bastos mysql.jorge at decimal.pt
Sun Nov 2 13:03:06 CET 2014

Hi Alec,

> On 10/21/2014 05:04 PM, Jorge Bastos wrote:
> > I have several users that have 20, 30, or some 40GB of emails, and
> > loading of emails does not always work and fails, only after some
> tries.
> The question is how many messages per folder they have and why sorting
> takes so long (I assume it's SORT/THREAD issue). You can also disable
> sorting in Roundcube by setting message list sort column to "None".
> > Question is, should I activate cache to make this work?
> >
> > If yes, how much size cache will be on the webmail side, only for
> > headers right?
> Yes, messages metadata, but also small message bodies (according to
> messages_cache_threshold setting, which is 50kB by default). Also
> remember that Roundcube will not cache all messages in a folder but
> only these which were accessed/displayed on the list.

For this matter, I disabled sorting setting:

$config['message_sort_col'] = 'None';

But don't see any performance impact.

Also enabled cache like this:

$config['imap_cache'] = 'db'; // false
$config['messages_cache'] = 'db'; // false
$config['imap_cache_ttl'] = '30d'; //10d
$config['messages_cache_ttl'] = '30d'; // 10d
$config['messages_cache_threshold'] = 1024;

This account has 12GB, and many many emails, about 60.000 in inbox, and not
counting the ones in the folders.
Is there something else I can do?

Accounts with low quota or emails are fast showing emails/login' in.

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