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Dear all,

does anyone know the incoming and outgoing server settings to set up
roundcube in Outlook?


On 7.11.2014 03:41 PM, Mike Burger wrote: 

> On 2014-11-07 5:11 am, Istvan Gabor wrote:
> Mike Burger írta: On 2014-11-06 5:09 am, Istvan Gabor wrote: Otherwise, look to the left of your message entry box, and you should see a "Contacts" window with your contact lists. Click on one of your lists and the contacts within that list will populate, allowing you to select the email address you want to use. you should see the list with addressbooks on the left side (where usually the imap folders are). when clicking the addressbook you see all the contacts, then you can choose one. The left panel/window of roundcube's user interface is "Attachements" in mail editing /message entry mode. It is an empty window. In mail-listing mode the left panel is "Folders" and it only shows the names of the subscribed folders, and at the bottom the gear icon for folder actions (manage folders, compact). There is no "Contacts" or addressbooks in this window in my roundcube interface.
 This is likely something you'll need to change in your Settings area or
by, perhaps, selecting a different skin. As you can see from the
attached screenshot, on my screen, the lefthand side has the contacts,
the righthand side has the file attachment. In my setting I can not set
anything like that, I can not even change the skin. Can it be the
version of my roundcube? I can not check it anywhere in the user
interface but the messages it sends indicate User-Agent: Roundcube
Webmail/0.7.2. Or does it depend on settings set by the mailbox

I would imagine that these settings are inherent to the RoundCube
installation, not the mailbox provider/mail agent.

Additionally, since RoundCube is (and has been, for a while) at a 1.xx
version, I recommend upgrading.

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