[RCU] - Comparing roundcube vs OpenWebMail

webmaster webmaster at asedex.com
Sat Apr 25 01:58:31 CEST 2015

I am examining the features and benefits of roundbox webmail.

Since I have 7 years of mailboxes using OpenWebMail, another

webmail, I have to take the decision if it is worth to migrate to roundcube

now that I am contracting a different VPS with 1&1.

First, if all my Sendmail mailserver OpenWebMail mailboxes contents

Inbox, Sentmail, etc, can be read by roundcube or not.

Second, compare the features of each one. OpenWebMail has tons of

features, webdisk, multilanguage, customization, etc. and so does roundcube,

so is there someone who knows OpenWebMail and can assist in comparing both?

Much obliged !

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