[RCU] Point of information

jfmxl jfmxl at SDF.ORG
Tue Feb 17 22:56:04 CET 2015

Here's a question. I like the idea of pop mail. My mail program 
downloads my mail from my mail server and that's it. The mail is deleted 
from my mail server.

With webmail, my mail server has all my mail forever, for easy reading 
at their leisure.

Now I realize that there is no longer any trust in this world, that the 
NSA has long since destroyed all that, betrayed us all, and that the 
internet is actually no more than a spy platform now rather than the 
glorious enabler of freedom that we, I anyway, foolishly thought it was 
... that darpa played us all for fools. Still ...

What I do now is set my mail reading program to retrieve my mail from my 
mail provider, save what I want locally using my mail reading program, 
then use round cube to answer what I want to answer and move all the 
mail to the trash before exiting. I have to use round cube to answer my 
mail because my provider offers only imap and does not allow me to send 
imap mail except through its round cube. For all I know sdf.org is 
operated by th NSA. I asked, got no response.

So how do I know my mail is really being deleted at my mail provider's 
server. Google never ever deletes mail. The only one who loses access to 
deleted google mail is the person to whom it is addressed.

I assume the same is true of round cube mail? That my email provider 
retains copies of all my mail, and the only who loses access to it is 
myself when I delete it?

I also realize that my provider could simply copy all my pop3 mail on 
receipt ... but at least that is a overt dirty filthy trick. It seems to 
be a 'feature' of webmail?

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