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jfmxl jfmxl at SDF.ORG
Wed Feb 18 01:17:29 CET 2015

Thanks for the advice. I tried to run my own mail server, tried dynamic 
dns, but my ISP won't allow it, apparently. Couldn't make a connection 
to an smtp port.

On 2015-02-18 06:05, Noel Butler wrote:
> Roundcube is most typically, but not always, run with Dovecot, unless
> you rewrite bits of it, it will delete when you tell it to
> The only real answer to this is, run your own mail server locally.
> If you need to have a backup mail server, get a cheap VPS in Germany
> and set up a secondary MX.
> * Although Germany is rife with american spies, the German authorities
> know who and where and make sure the yanks know that they know
> (remember the low buzzing of certain Embassy building and other U.S.
> Govt buildings by police choppers hahaha- loved that), and likely just
> as many Mi6 spies there too, Germany still has the strongest data
> protection laws in the world, and although the BND etc are not all
> clean hands, they are a darn sight cleaner than anywhere else in the
> world.
> * Still cant work out why Merkel hasn't kicked those bastards out,
> hell, there probably more CIA agents in places like Ramstien, than
> their are air genuine military folk, and I'd kick them out as well, no
> Govt should have military bases in other countries.
> On 18/02/2015 07:56, jfmxl wrote:
>> Here's a question. I like the idea of pop mail. My mail program
>> downloads my mail from my mail server and that's it. The mail is
>> deleted from my mail server.
>> With webmail, my mail server has all my mail forever, for easy
>> reading at their leisure.
>> Now I realize that there is no longer any trust in this world, that
>> the NSA has long since destroyed all that, betrayed us all, and that
>> the internet is actually no more than a spy platform now rather than
>> the glorious enabler of freedom that we, I anyway, foolishly thought
>> it was ... that darpa played us all for fools. Still ...
>> What I do now is set my mail reading program to retrieve my mail
>> from my mail provider, save what I want locally using my mail
>> reading program, then use round cube to answer what I want to answer
>> and move all the mail to the trash before exiting. I have to use
>> round cube to answer my mail because my provider offers only imap
>> and does not allow me to send imap mail except through its round
>> cube. For all I know sdf.org is operated by th NSA. I asked, got no
>> response.
>> So how do I know my mail is really being deleted at my mail
>> provider's server. Google never ever deletes mail. The only one who
>> loses access to deleted google mail is the person to whom it is
>> addressed.
>> I assume the same is true of round cube mail? That my email provider
>> retains copies of all my mail, and the only who loses access to it
>> is myself when I delete it?
>> I also realize that my provider could simply copy all my pop3 mail
>> on receipt ... but at least that is a overt dirty filthy trick. It
>> seems to be a 'feature' of webmail?
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