[RCU] Point of information

jfmxl jfmxl at SDF.ORG
Wed Feb 18 02:40:57 CET 2015

I'll look into it. Although I have little to no money and no means of 
paying for anything other than by international money order if I went 
for this. I had a vps with ... what turned out to be viaverio, after 
several rounds of merger ... for twenty years. But I never trusted them 
... once it occurred to me to consider whether I did or not. Then I 
could no longer afford them, or pay them in any case, anyway.

Why should I trust FileMedia? If I could afford them. I'll try to look 
them up.

What I have now is a shell account and limited webserver, and mail as 
described, from this outfit, for a one-time fee of one dollar. I bought 
a buck and mailed it to him/them. I asked lots of questions, like are 
you the NSA? Got zero answers. I have to assume it's an NSA honeypot.

But so may FileMedia be. Well not a honeypot, but a 'cooperative' 
commercial provider as are Google and the rest. At least the NSA won't 
bother to sell me out to the TNCs ... the sell-out traffic is all in the 
other direction.

Maybe there's a way to run mail over i2p myself. I had a mail account 
there ... still based on trust ... but one day they just just me down. 
No notice, no nothing. They're a pretty arbitrary bunch of geek 
gatekeepers. And there's still the connection to the 'real' darpanet to 

Oh well, there is no such thing as privacy, certainly not security, any 
longer in this web worldwide. I might as well stick with what I have. 
With those bastards from the NSA looking over my shoulder. collecting 
everything I do on the web 'for future reference'. At least with the NSA 
I'm not commercially compromised. Not so with Google.

On 2015-02-18 07:59, Noel Butler wrote:
> Then get that unmanaged VPS, you will control it, although since it's
> not located locally there still exists a small risk, I use FileMedia
> for my personal offsite, reliable, and friendly service, you can then
> pop3 from it, keeping bulk of your mail local, and since you'd only
> need it for light storage, you could get away with the smallest plan,
> you wont need bells and whistles.
> On 18/02/2015 10:17, jfmxl wrote:
>> Thanks for the advice. I tried to run my own mail server, tried
>> dynamic dns, but my ISP won't allow it, apparently. Couldn't make a
>> connection to an smtp port.
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