[RCU] Error in DDL upgrade while upgrading from 0.9.5 to 1.0.5

Roderick Johnstone rmj at ast.cam.ac.uk
Fri Feb 20 18:29:57 CET 2015


On upgrading to roundcube 1.0.5 from 0.9.5 using installto.sh I got:

Executing database schema update.
PHP Warning:  Directive 'magic_quotes_gpc' is deprecated in PHP 5.3 and 
greater in Unknown on line 0
Updating database schema (2013042700)... [OK]
Updating database schema (2013052500)... [OK]
Updating database schema (2013061000)... [FAILED]
ERROR: Error in DDL upgrade 2013061000: [7] ERROR:  relation 
"cache_index" does not existAll done.

This is with a postgres database.

How can I fix this please?


Roderick Johnstone

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