[RCU] Embedding roundcube UI into AngularJS application

Pavel Zubkou pavel.zubkou at gmail.com
Mon Mar 9 13:51:08 CET 2015


I am about to integrate roundcube with existing CRM application we
develop. Other than creating plugins for server side and client side,
I plan to embed roundcube inline into existing application build on

The plan is to embed roundcube UI into AngularJS app using an iframe element:

1) Configure roundcube to render only email related UI, without
"chrome" elements, i.e. header and footer.
2) Apply our styling to all roundcube UI, using a plugin.
3) Implement plugins allowing to add UI elements and behaviour to
roundcube UI for quick interaction with our CRM using postMessage API.

The goal is to create smooth integration allowing users to work with
email and CRM information at the same time.

Could fellow users please help me understand the issues I am about to
face or point me to relevant documentation or source code.

Thanks for help!

With best regards,
Pavel Zubkou.

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