[RCU] Caldav/Carddav

Emmanuel Revah stsil at manurevah.com
Tue Dec 27 10:54:05 CET 2016


I'm sorry if this question has been many times asked, I've searched and 
found a few things that may seem outdated, messy and/or overcomplicated 
to maintain...

The result I'm trying to get: Roundcube with calendars and contacts that 
are available through Caldav/Carddav protocols, so users can switch 
between RC and Thuderbird or "smartphone" clients with ease.

So far I found I could integrate OwnCloud within RC, but that seems a 
bit overkill (and comes with other issues), or I could install Radicale, 
Davical or some other *Dav thing and then figure out how to get it to 
work within RC (I found a Carddav client plugin). Other ideas include 
moving my whole system to Kolab, or perhaps just moving from Dovecot to 
Cyrus (which seems to be how Kolab works). The latter solutions would 
imply RC *dav client plugins which doesn't seem to be the case for the 
default calendar plugin (backend types don't include caldav).

So the question is, what's the simplest well documented way to achieve 
this (if possible) ?


Emmanuel Revah

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