[RCU] enigma binary

A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Thu Jul 21 07:58:46 CEST 2016

On 07/21/2016 07:02 AM, Nick Edwards wrote:
> After sorting out proc_open but changing to suhosin blacklist instead
> native php disable, things progressed, however
> just wiped out the config and used fresh, with and without
> $rcmail_config or $config...  I clearly have wrong option idea for the
> path to it as roundcube error now says binary not found, is
> $config['enigma_pgp_binary'] = 'path/file'; actually the right entry to use?

Yes, are you using git-master version? The option does not exist in 1.2.0.

>     [Thu Jul 21 13:44:54.093373 2016] [:error] [pid 6431:tid 2843577200]
>     [client ] PHP Fatal error:  Call to undefined method
>     Crypt_GPG_SubKey::usage() in

You need more recent Crypt_GPG package.

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