Rich Lott itmanager at peopleandplanet.org
Wed Oct 11 15:22:41 CEST 2017


I have two questions

1. Roundcube allows a list of domains for IMAP through the 
$config['default_host'] = Array() config option. The different hosts 
require different SMTP settings also, but it seems that the smtp 
settings are assumed to be static. Is there a hook or such that allows 
me to set some config after a user is logged in, and based on the host 
(etc) they selected? i.e. someone who selects foo.com as the host needs 
to send to smtp.foo.mailserver.com and someone who selects bar.com as 
the host needs to send via localhost.

2. My (externally controlled) IMAP host offers STARTTLS over port 143 
(it does not open port 993). It's not clear to me whether RC is moving 
to TLS after the initial unencrypted connection. I don't want to use an 
insecure connection, but I can't see a way to check or specify that 
STARTTLS must be done?

Many thanks, and apols if these are daft questions, but I have read the 
config files and wiki, I promise :-)


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