[RCU] RC with Davical and calendar plugins from git.faster-it.com - any success?

Emmanuel Revah stsil at manurevah.com
Fri Oct 13 16:06:15 CEST 2017

(sorry to top post)


If either of you, or anyone, manages to get calendard and/or contacts 
work "in Dav mode" in a maintainable way, do know that I'd also be 
interested (I spent a long time trying many things a while back). It 
would be incredible (like so modern age) to have calendars synced from 
RC to Thunderbird to mobile phones.
: ]


Emmanuel Revah

On 2017/10/12 20:37, Computerisms Corporation wrote:
> Hi Ivars,
> Thanks for replying.
> I seem to have made quite a bit of progress, I got calendars working
> and syncing with thunderbird and changes seem to be syncing both ways.
>  I had some troubles with recurring events not showing up at all but
> got that working, and I had to modify the carddav.php folder for the
> birthdays to work (actually, I dont' know if they work, but no more
> error in the logs).  But I am not able to get attachments or
> participants to work yet.  Still, it is encouraging that you got it
> going, I will keep trying...
> On 2017-10-11 11:33 PM, Ivars Strazdiņš wrote:
>> Hi,
>> yes, in the end I’ve got it working with a couple of notes.
>> First, Calendar plugin works for me with Apache only. It did not work 
>> properly with Nginx. Note that Roundcube does not support Nginx 
>> anyway, but it was working. We’re running Roundcube on Nginx for quite 
>> some time. Not with Calendar plugin though. You have to switch to 
>> Apache.
>> Another thing is that I had to modify source to get it working as 
>> stated before.
>> But I tried to diff again freshly checked out source and there are 
>> massive changes in 
>> https://gitlab.awesome-it.de/kolab/roundcube-plugins/tree/feature_caldav
>> So this all seem to be a moving target. The version I have is 
>> definitely not the version you have.
>> It’s interesting why they commit broken stuff that doesn’t work out of 
>> box, but it’s their code and their playground.
>> Sorry that I can’t help you more on this.
>> Kind regards,
>> Ivars
>>> On 11 Oct 2017, at 22:00, Computerisms Corporation 
>>> <bob at computerisms.ca <mailto:bob at computerisms.ca>> wrote:
>>> Hi Ivars,
>>> I am wondering if you had any success with this in the end?  I have 
>>> been playing with this plug in for a day or so now and also not 
>>> having any luck.  I haven't found a problem with expand_user 
>>> function, but I worked around insert_default_calendar by commenting 
>>> the call to the function, since I want only caldav anyway.  I have 
>>> been working my way through several patches in the kolab repository, 
>>> and every time I do I get new problems and errors, but I don't know 
>>> if that is fixing it or making it worse.
>>> I have a copy of the myroundcube calendar/calendar_plus plugin, which 
>>> I also tried to get working, but it seems to rely on the plugin 
>>> system they were using, and I am not sufficiently skilled in 
>>> programming to decipher its hiccup, and I don't want to try and 
>>> transfer their whole plugin system to a new server.  The license on 
>>> the software doesn't seem to prohibit me from changing the code, but 
>>> it does prevent me from distributing it, so a dead end road anyway...
>>> I had really hoped the roundcube_next project would solve this caldav 
>>> issue, but can no longer afford to wait on this...
>>> On 2017-06-01 06:16 AM, Ivars Strazdiņš wrote:
>>>> Hi,
>>>> has anyone succeeded to setup RC with Davical and calendar plugins 
>>>> from these guys? https://git.faster-it.com/roundcube_calendar/about/
>>>> I have made two attempts, but calendar plugin throws error:
>>>> [01-Jun-2017 15:44:21 +0300]: <lv2ds8jr> DAV Error: Not 
>>>> authenticated in 
>>>> /usr/share/roundcubemail/plugins/calendar/lib/SabreDAV/lib/OldSabre/DAV/Client.php 
>>>> on line 425 (GET /?_task=calendar)
>>>> I have debugged that the plugin passes base64 encoded string '%p' 
>>>> instead of real user password to authentication backend. But why and 
>>>> how to fix that - I have no idea really. There is SabreDAV and 
>>>> OldSabre packed inside plugin which makes things even more 
>>>> interesting :/
>>>> Once, on my first attempt, I had managed to setup plugin so that it 
>>>> was able to write to CalDAV database, but not able to read (verified 
>>>> from other client). Now I cannot even repeat that with second 
>>>> installation. I get above error message on both GET and POST 
>>>> operations. I suspect it was a configuration thing so maybe that is 
>>>> all that's required to change. But I am not sure.
>>>> It should be noted that their repository is not without problems, 
>>>> the fork claims a working configuration, but some functions 
>>>> (insert_default_calendar(), _expand_user()) were missing, I had to 
>>>> add them from original sources here: 
>>>> https://gitlab.awesome-it.de/kolab/roundcube-plugins/tree/feature_caldav
>>>> Any insight appreciated. Thanks!
>>>> Ivars
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