[RCU] LDAP address book - problem with groups

A.L.E.C alec at alec.pl
Sun Feb 11 10:23:09 CET 2018

On 02/10/2018 12:03 AM, Franta Hanzlík wrote:
>     'groups'            => array(
>         'base_dn'         => '',
>         'mail'            => '{Mail-Address}@mydomain.com',
>         'filter'          => '(&(objectClass=groupOfNames)(Mail-Address=*))',
>         'object_classes'  => array("top", "groupOfNames"),
>         'class_member_attr' => array(
>           'groupofnames'       => 'member',
>           'groupofuniquenames' => 'uniquemember'
>         ),
>     ),

Here's an example from defaults.inc.php file:

// definition for contact groups (uncomment if no groups are supported)
// for the groups base_dn, the user replacements %fu, %u, %d and %dc
work as for base_dn (see above)
// if the groups base_dn is empty, the contact base_dn is used for the
groups as well
// -> in this case, assure that groups and contacts are separated due to
the concernig filters!
  'groups'  => array(
    'base_dn'           => '',
    'scope'             => 'sub',       // Search mode: sub|base|list
    'filter'            => '(objectClass=groupOfNames)',
    'object_classes'    => array('top', 'groupOfNames'),   // Object
classes to be assigned to new groups
    'member_attr'       => 'member',   // Name of the default member
attribute, e.g. uniqueMember
    'name_attr'         => 'cn',       // Attribute to be used as group name
    'email_attr'        => 'mail',     // Group email address attribute
(e.g. for mailing lists)
    'member_filter'     => '(objectclass=*)',  // Optional filter to use
when querying for group members
    'vlv'               => false,      // Use VLV controls to list groups
    'class_member_attr' => array(      // Mapping of group object class
to member attribute used in these objects
      'groupofnames'       => 'member',
      'groupofuniquenames' => 'uniquemember'

So, there's no such thing as your "composite" 'mail' attribute
specification. A group with an email_attr that contains an email address
will not resolve to members' addresses.

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