[RCU] How to avoid accessing mailboxes elsewhere

Mario Jorge Lima mariolima at multisites.com.br
Tue Feb 27 12:23:03 CET 2018


I will explain what I need to know.

I have 3 Servers:

1) One of them is just a Domains Server.

2) The other two are Mailboxes Servers. They have the email accounts 
for all the Domains from the first Server.

All these mailboxes' POP and SMTP are accessed through the Server address:


and so on.

If someone who accesses my Roundcube, fill the Server field with any 
other POP Server name elsewhere, he will read those emails. How to 
avoid it, so that only mailboxes in one of my two Mailboxes mentioned 
above can be accessed?

Thanks a lot.

Mario Jorge Lima
mariolima at multisites.com.br
OBS: Eventualmente nao acentuo algumas palavras do Portugues, para 
evitar bugs na recepcao dos emails.
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