[RCU] Slow displaying INBOX with thousands emails

Alexey alukardd at alukardd.org
Fri Oct 26 18:03:51 CEST 2018

> Maybe it's parsing the THREAD response, but I don't know. It also is
> FETCHing messages for a hundred threads, no?
Fetching is extremely fast (0.004 + 0.000 + 0.003 secs).
Could you explain, why there is 3 numbers? (in previous message I show 
you only the last one)

>> And is there in chance to increase performance without disabling 
>> threads?
> Did you try setting sorting to None? You can consider enabling 
> imap_cache.
$config['imap_cache'] = 'memcache';
did nothing (sure, memcached is running and configured for RC)

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