[RCU] White List

David M. Smith dmsmith at dms489.com
Wed Oct 31 15:59:02 CET 2018

For reasons too depressing to recite, I was required by my employer to
move my personal e-mail from its previous, cosy environment to something
more "Suitable."  Since I already have material on Startlogic, I elected
to make Stsrtlogic's RoundCube my default personal e-mail, and as such,
it is working very nicely.  However, the volume of incoming garbage is
annoying.  On my previous e--mail host, I maintained a White List of
users or domains from which I was willing to receive e-mail.  Any source
not on my white list received a polite message asking them to request
access to my e--mail.  

Is there a similar feature on RoundCube? 

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