[RCU] Reset password for users who has forgot password

Jarosław Kłopotek - INTERDUO jkl at interduo.pl
Tue Sep 4 15:41:57 CEST 2018

Hello roundcube users,
Got one fast question
Is there any plugin that could reset (or remind or send link to change 
password form) lost password for roundcube mail user?

We don't want to destroy or interupt meditation of ours SysOps :D
I was searching & searching & searching & googling for some 
option/plugin doing this but I didn't find anything useful.


Jarosław Kłopotek
kom. 607 893 111
Interduo Ł. Bujek, J. Kłopotek, J. Sowa s.c.
ul. Lubelska 36B/40, 21-100 Lubartów

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