[RCU] Reset password for users who has forgot password

Jarosław Kłopotek - INTERDUO jkl at interduo.pl
Tue Sep 4 17:37:48 CEST 2018

W dniu 04.09.2018 o 16:23, Reindl Harald pisze:
> Am 04.09.18 um 15:41 schrieb Jarosław Kłopotek - INTERDUO:
>> Hello roundcube users,
>> Got one fast question
>> Is there any plugin that could reset (or remind or send link to change
>> password form) lost password for roundcube mail user?
>> We don't want to destroy or interupt meditation of ours SysOps :D
>> I was searching & searching & searching & googling for some
>> option/plugin doing this but I didn't find anything useful.
> how should roundcube do that as it's a mail client?
> and even if: are you sure it's a good idea that any random guy which
> don't know your mail-passwort reset it and lock you out of your account?
> how would you get the new password?
> display it on the login page?
> in other words: let anybody take over your account

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