[RCU] Reset password for users who has forgot password

Jarosław Kłopotek - INTERDUO jkl at interduo.pl
Tue Sep 4 18:30:45 CEST 2018

W dniu 04.09.2018 o 16:23, Reindl Harald pisze:
> Am 04.09.18 um 15:41 schrieb Jarosław Kłopotek - INTERDUO:
>> Hello roundcube users,
>> Got one fast question
>> Is there any plugin that could reset (or remind or send link to change
>> password form) lost password for roundcube mail user?
>> We don't want to destroy or interupt meditation of ours SysOps :D
>> I was searching & searching & searching & googling for some
>> option/plugin doing this but I didn't find anything useful.
> how should roundcube do that as it's a mail client?
Looks what everybody others got.
The problem is that when user lost hist password needs to ask his 
postmaster. When the mail server got many users there are many tickets 
for doing that and postmaster gets angry.
> and even if: are you sure it's a good idea that any random guy which
> don't know your mail-passwort reset it and lock you out of your account?
There should not be possibility for doing that - looks how it's 
organized in gmail/hotmail.
> how would you get the new password?
SMS or mail with link to change_password_form to assigned telephone 
number / email account
> display it on the login page?
If You don't saw any things like this please do research again.
> in other words: let anybody take over your account
Please don't joke.

Regards & sorry for misclick.

Jarosław Kłopotek
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