[RCU] Reset password for users who has forgot password

Jarosław Kłopotek - INTERDUO jkl at interduo.pl
Wed Sep 5 07:10:09 CEST 2018

W dniu 04.09.2018 o 21:56, Reindl Harald pisze:
> Am 04.09.18 um 21:31 schrieb jkl:
>> You aren't right.
>> Look at the iredmail project or Zimbra Suite.
>> Google also has got reseting password form so why roundcube could not have?
> because roundcube acts generic with every type of IMAP/SMTP setup and
> Google is a platform
I need a solution for that specified case. It doesn't matter if it's 
strictly from roundcube project or not.
>> You can change password with password plugin after login. Its just a
>> thing to put that form on specified place and secure it on propper way
> different beasts - *how* do you secure it - when you are authenticated
> you already passed autentication and on most setups even change the
> password is not possible because it can't be done via IMAP and direct
> access to to user credentails is not that easy and should now work form
> the webserver at all
We both know that.
> * how do you secure it
> * how do you access the password store
> * how do you send an SMS given that send via email can't work
>    given that you don't have the email credentiuals when you reset it
> surely, it's technical possible but for sure not out-of-the-box and very
> different on each and every setup
After exchanging few mails in thread the last sentence give me sentence 
that I would like to hear. :)

So If We go back to my first question from first mail:
"Is there any plugin that could reset (or remind or send link to change 
password form) lost password for roundcube mail user?"
The answer is NO. So if it's technical possible how to resolve that 
problem in simplest way?
That's one of the main feature I can bet that I not the first who has 
the same problem.


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