[RCU] Lost Contacts Entries

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Wed Jul 31 06:03:47 CEST 2019

Hi, I'm using 1.3.9 and recently switched my backend mailserver from an old server to a new server BUT the $config['default_host'] = 'ssl://mymail.server' setting remained exactly the same, only the IP for mymail.server was changed. I'd been caught out a few years ago when I changed default_host to a different IP and learnt the hard way and that doubled up with new user entries with the new IP and I think I sorted that out. This time the default_host setting is exactly the same. I did find a post that mentioned to run the bin/indexcontacts.sh script, which I did, and now the Contact labels and groups seem to be there but the actual contact content (name, email address etc) is missing. That contact content info looks like it's still in the database (obviously, I did not change or reinstall roundcube itself) but something to do with the id indexes for the contact content is not matching up with the  addressbook entries.

Any hint how I fix this or or patch it up manually if I have to?

(I posted this in the forum before I found this mailing-list)

Mark Constable
0419 530 037

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