[RCU] filter by header

Marchello roundcubeforum.net at spamstop.tk
Tue Nov 12 22:38:12 CET 2019

  Hi all,
How do I create filter by header?
I installed filters plugin and I can see

$config['spam_headers'] = 

line in my configuration file


I don't have any of these headers like X-Spam-Flag, X-Spam-Status, 
But I have Delivered-To header that shows my username1 at gmail.com
So I tried to add ,'Delivered-To' into config line, then created filter

If the field [Delivered-To] contains gmail move the message to 
Inbox.gmail from Inbox (Messages: All, Mark: As read)

But it didn't work for me.
The problem is that some smart spammers do not include my email address 
into To: or Cc: field, so I can't filter it (those that include it go to 
needed folder indeed).

Please advise.


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