[RCU] Roundcube Webmail 1.4.0 - Elastic released

Nuno Dias ndias at lip.pt
Thu Nov 14 17:40:05 CET 2019

 After upgrading to this new release the send mail stopped to work, and
now, no matter what I configure in smtp variables (tls, or only port
25) I have always the same error.

SMTP Error: Authentication failure: SMTP server does not support
authentication (Code: ) in
/usr/share/roundcubemail/program/lib/Roundcube/rcube.php on line 1689

 The previous version 1.3.10 works as expected, but every time I
upgrade to the version 1.4.0 I have the error above. 

 Anyone has the same problem? or knows how can I debug this error?


On Sat, 2019-11-09 at 21:52 +0100, Thomas Bruederli wrote:
> Dear subscribers
> It's a big honor for me to announce the final release of the long
> awaited major version 1.4 of Roundcube webmail.
> After more than two years of hard work by Alec and other volunteer
> contributors, Roundcube finally gets the responsive skin with full
> mobile device support - the Elastic.
> In addition to the new UI we introduce these new features:
> * Email Resent (Bounce) feature
> * Improved [Mailvelope](https://www.mailvelope.com) integration
> * Support for Redis and Memcached cache
> * Support for SMTPUTF8 and GSSAPI
> Plus numerous improvements and bug fixes collected from your precious
> feedback as well as updates to recent versions of 3rd party libraries
> like jQuery and TinyMCE. See the full changelog in the release notes
> on the Github download page [1].
> The new Elastic theme, which is the new default skin, is built with
> LESS and of course the sources are included. They allow a certain
> degree of customization by adjusting some colors and variables using
> the `_styles.less` and `_variables.less` files. Please consider
> customizing your Roundcube installation in order to make phishing [2]
> harder. You'll find guidance in the README.md file inside the skin
> folder.
> This release is considered stable and we encourage you to update your
> productive installations after carefully testing the upgrade scenario
> and preparing your users to the significant changes in their webmail
> UI. Download it from https://roundcube.net/download.
> With the release of Roundcube 1.4.0, the previous stable release
> branches 1.3.x and 1.2.x will change into LTS low maintenance mode
> which means they will only receive important security updates but no
> longer any regular improvement updates. The 1.1.x series is no longer
> supported and maintained.
> Kind regards,
> Thomas
> [1] https://github.com/roundcube/roundcubemail/releases/tag/1.4.0
> [2] https://roundcube.net/news/2019/10/28/phishing-alert
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