[RCU] question about using Round Cube webmail

Marchello roundcubeforum.net at spamstop.tk
Thu Oct 31 17:40:08 CET 2019

 Hi Bill Kniegge,

Let's say you have two folders, source and target in your 'parent' (inbox)
In this case, message files are stored in ~/Maildir/.INBOX.source/cur/

Thus all you have to do is just to move files from
~/Maildir/.INBOX.source/cur/ to ~/Maildir/.INBOX.target/cur/ using your
favourite file manager or just in console:

mv ~/Maildir/.INBOX.source/cur/ ~/Maildir/.INBOX.target/cur/

(you can test it by copying just one message and then make sure it
appeared in target folder using your email client)

I did this before because email client starts to open folder slowly after
its amount of messages becomes huge.

Hope this helps.


billk at bluestradatours.com wrote:
> I have been using this program for 9 years... mostly putting up with it.
> Today, I really needed to move some folders from one 'parent' folder to
> another.  I could not figure out how to do that.  Any input is greatly
> appreciated.
> Bill Kniegge

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