[RCU] Addressbook not showing addresses

TheCajun thecajun at nmia.com
Wed Sep 25 18:52:19 CEST 2019


I am running Fedora 30

1)  At some point, and after some update, the autofill 'To' stopped
working.  The addressbook also does not show any of the existing entries
made in Contacts.  It shows the name and the group contact is in and
that is all.  Entering edit mode offers fields to enter information, but
does not show existing addresses.  They are in the MySQL database.  I
can see them there.

2)  Where are the emails stored?  I thought they would be under
username/mail/.  There are folders there, but none of the current emails
are there.

3)  Part of 2.  I would like too archive all emails.  I was hoping it
would be as simple as copying the mail folder.

Thank you,


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