[RCU] This appears to be the problem I am getting with this list - and now other lists - DMARC / DKIM / SPF

Philip Rhoades phil at pricom.com.au
Mon Aug 10 11:01:55 CEST 2020


On 2020-08-04 20:41, Benny Pedersen wrote:
> Philip Rhoades skrev den 2020-08-04 07:52:
>> People,
>> FYI, this seems to explain (most of) my hassles mailing to this list:
>>   Yahoo breaks every mailing list in the world including the IETF's
>> https://mailarchive.ietf.org/arch/msg/ietf/J-IsfA0Lb-6T_NeMD1ENKZyb9tA/
> maybe it breaks if maillists resign dkim or break dkim from original
> domains, sadly so is life with dkim today, there is maillists that
> only openARC seel all posts BEFORE breaking dkim sign, if that was
> done AFTER then openDMARC will see the break, but if its done before
> it will see original posters dkim pass and spf pass
> sorry just saying
> so stop dkim sign a maillists, but do the arc signing / seal
> dovecot maillist have solved it, so can others

I have no idea what any of that broken English is supposed to mean . . 
sorry . .

Philip Rhoades

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