[RCU] Plugin recipient_to_contact issues

Jorge Listas susclistas at gmail.com
Mon Aug 24 18:20:10 CEST 2020


anyone knows any plugins that replace recipient_to_contact plugins and it ran on Roundcube version 1.4.2. May be an updated version of this plugin, too.

I was using this plugin in previous versions of RCU but in version 1.4.2 I found a problem when I reply or create a message from a new window, after sending the email, the window to add the new contact is not displayed.

I have detected that in that case, it would appear that the window to add the contact is hidden, since I have tried to go to configuration and then return to the inbox and "magically" appears the "lost window" to add the data of Contact.

If I answer an email or write a new one from the main RCU window (that is, without opening it in a new window) it works correctly.

Another old unsolved problem of this plugin is that after its execution the "Loading" message remains indefinitely active.

Thanks in advance.


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