[RCU] Welcome / requesting advise on migrating to new server

Lance Raymond lance at fld3v.com
Fri Feb 21 16:16:07 CET 2020

Morning all,

I have a new client that has an old, old CentOS 6 server that is failing 
so we want to migrate over to a new server.   The old server I have 
console access, and a bit unsure on the setup as it is running EXIM as 
the process, but the webmail client says RoundCube.   There is no MySQL, 
so maybe it's just the GUI there using, but I want to move to a new 
server, clean RoundCube install, and wonder if there is anyone that 
knows if mail can be imported into that server.

The current seems to be storing all the mail local, but I have 0 
experience with EXIM so not sure if there is a way to export / import, etc.

Any help, direction is appreciated.

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